SEO or why is it so important to be best web site?

You decided to make a website for your company or personal website. The purpose does not matter – share information or sell your products and services. You applied a Web Agency, private developer or, if you have experience, you have created the website by yourself. And here it is in front of you – bright, beautiful and content full. But time goes on, and your web site is not visited, clients do not appear, money is not earned, business is not developing. This is the moment you need professional Search Engine Optimization help.

Search Engine Optimization and basic internet marketing:

For your website to be visited – it has to be in the TOP. It means to be on the first positions on the website theme request. Why is it important. Imagine a situation: you want to find an answer on a question, does not matter what question, as example, how to develop a website.
You come to a library and get into a room with a long-endlessly long shelf with books, and all of them are about website development. You open the first one, and find right away the answer on your question. For comparison, or more information you open the second, the third…the tenth. Your head is spinning because of so much information, you found a lot of answers.

The winner is only one whose web site TOP

Will you study other books? I doubt that, the answer is already found in the first books. That works with websites too. According to statistics only 5% of internet users search information on the second and third pages of the web search engine, not to mention the further pages. This is why your website has to be in the first ten (TOP10).

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