SEO translation and SEO localization web site

Each company owns the internet site sooner or later decides to penetrate the international market and often is faced with the problem of translation of texts of the website in foreign languages.

Or another example of the necessity of SEO: Your company entered into a contract with a large foreign company, and faced with the task of integrating materials supplier in your already working web site. And since all materials supplier has been optimized for its Internet site to meet the needs of foreign customers, particularly helpful for your site they brought.

As practice shows, a simple translation of the technical site is not enough to occupy top positions in search engines Google and Yandex. And it's not that the translator mistranslated the text of the site, but rather that the site optimized for the local market, not in the interests of foreign audience site, because were not considered very important factors specific to the cultural and linguistic characteristics of foreign customers. Given these moments, our company has developed a brand new SEO service in Moldova - SEO translation and SEO localization.

SEO localization implies a:

  • Changes in the structure of the site;
  • Compiling semantic site under taken separately language version;
  • Change working or organizing new behavioral scenarios of the site;
  • A number of important technical measures of internal and external optimization.

SEO translation into foreign languages:

  • Create a positive image of the company in the international market;
  • Increase the amount of the material on your site;
  • Increase the reference mass of the internal links on the site;
  • Will help increase the number of visitors and potential customers.

The cost of SEO translation depends on:

  • From the amount of text characters on a page;
  • Complexity of the source text, the availability of technical terms;
  • Prevalence or rarity of the target language.

In order to clarify the cost of the services you can contact us and our team will try to give you the most extensive consultation on the part of SEO. We are always glad to see you as our clients.