SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Website promotion in Moldova – is a relatively new service, but very quickly gaining momentum. There are many reasons for that: one of them a small market of consumers, high level of the same type of business, internet high availability, otherwise said this is the result of the multiple products of the same type on the Moldavian companies’ websites for a quite small market demand.

Every company goal is to sell as much as possible, this is why it is necessary to attract maximum number of customers to your website. How can it be achieved? Of course by promoting your website in different ways.

So, what does it mean website promotion, or saying in scientific terms search engine optimization - SEO? For example you need to find on the internet a product, a service, or simply information. First of all you open the site Google Web Search or Yandex and type query. Your customers do the same. The most of your customers goes to your sites through the search engines, of course if it appeared on the first page of search. Nobody will list the pages with results to find your website.

Statistics say that only 5% of search engine users’ requests go to the second page of search, to the third and next once even less. Therefore, the main task is to get in the top 10. But how can it be achieved?

You can promote your website by yourself, but more results you will get by entrusting this job to professionals, such as our company. Set of measures to promote the website, is a painstaking work that requires certain skills and knowledge. Our SEO specialists will be able to competently:

  • Create website semantic core - by picking keywords and phrases that will describe the best way your website theme;
  • Conduct the current position analysis in search engines and identify the causes of slow promoting to the top in website search results;
  • We will analyze and optimize the website structure, improve it, for it to attract more potential buyers;
  • We will analyze the market and determine the competitive situation in search engines on a given category of websites;
  • Our programmers can conduct technical work on website, by program code optimization and your website link structure, making it easier for search engines indexing;
  • We will help you to optimize the text on your website and create a unique content;
  • We will help you register your site to the free and paid search engines and directories;

Our days, site promotion in Moldova is the most effective advertising of your website. Entrusting to our company your website promoting, as a result you will receive new costumers and increase your sales.

Contact us and we will help make your business more successful.